Saturday, June 13, 2009

My wife made me do it...

My wife signed us up for this swap

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It looks like it will be interesting and fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Decoration Day

My wife's family holds a family reunion called Decoration Day on the first Sunday of June, so I went for the first time today. I think that we were in the Sequatchie Valley but regardless of the location, it was beautiful. Rolling hills with lush green farms stretched out to the horizon. The event is held in a family cemetery which is wonderfully shaded, and the shade trees certainly proved to be a blessing today.

There were probably about 100 people at the event, my wife is related to the family through her great-grandmother who had 13 children, so the potential was there for an even larger crowd. We sang hymns and had a little prayer service. It was lovely to worship outside on such a wonderful day, it was not hard to focus on the blessings of God's creation. One member of the family read scripture and I found some of his remarks touching. He talked about how he only sees some of the people at Decoration Day just that one day every year. That thought made the day that much more special, the only connection that some of that group really have is a single Sunday spent in a cemetery but they do it every year.

We sat down to dinner together and talked. People caught up, plans for upkeep to the cemetery were discussed and announcements were made. When bellies were full, we packed up and picked up, said our good-byes and headed home.

I can't wait for next year!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Summer is here (I know that technically there are still 3 weeks of spring) and now life slows down and we can relax. Just kidding life is crazier than ever. Baseball is still going on and we have already started football practice!

Monday night we had a "volunteer" night to work on the field at the Big Guy's new school. I met a few of the dads and we tried to help whip the field in to shape. We worked on a fence and moved some dirt around to fill in some holes. The boys who intend to be on the team were there too and I had a good time watching some of them try to break cement with a sledge hammer. It was actually pretty fun for the most part although it was about 93 degrees. After we finished at school we had almost an hour to go home, eat and get to the ball field. Big Guy got a hit and we won, the game ended at 10. Now there were just a few simple tasks left like getting two boys to bathe and get to bed; getting clothes and lunches ready for the next morning (it was zoo camp week); getting laundry done for me and packing clothes for the boys as they spent the next 2 nights with their father.

Tuesday I went to a PTA meeting on my lunch...well the whole week kept going like that, just one thing right after another. I suppose life might have been like that when I was young but it seems like it was easier. I guess if we can make it to Fall, I can start catching up on my Summer reading. Maybe the books will be in paperback by then. :)