Thursday, May 14, 2009


We rented bicycles Monday morning. B thought that it would be fun. I had a bad experience with a bike, a car and a curb when I was 10 and really didn't ride much after that. I thought that I might discover some great joy that I missed out on, I didn't. I have fought my stupid bike around the park and to Starbucks a couple times. I can't seem to make it go straight, as it veers left when it wants to; I'm afraid to ride it near other people for that reason as well. It goes back today! My rental fee may be the biggest waste of $30.00 ever

B, on the other hand has had a great time riding her pink bike. She sits up very straight and rolls on down the road. She's very cute. The rental fee for her bike may have been the best $30.00 I have ever spent.

If you are in the Grayton Beach area, you could do worse than stopping by Yellow Fin Ocean Sports on the corner of 30-A and Cty. Road 283. They will rent you a bike and throw in a lock, helmet (important if you're like me) and basket for free. Caleb, the owner, is pretty laid back. As the name implies, you can rent other gear there as well. Have fun.

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