Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cooking with Little Guy

We were supposed to visit friends tonight but they were not feeling well, so we stayed home instead. While I was attempting to regain control of the laundry room, a never ending battle, B and Little Guy were working on one of our favorites, nachos. Little Guy loves to help in the kitchen, he is full of energy and desire but, at 5, possesses the skills you would expect. He has lots of fun but, of course needs supervision. He was in rare form tonight, every word I heard from the laundry made me laugh.. B let him squeeze some lime juice and put it in our chicken. He thought that the chicken tasted so good that he said he hoped "he could marry the chicken" and as B took his picture, he shouts, "James, come race your finger around this pan."
He can drive me crazy but moments like tonight make it very worthwhile.

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