Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The worst PTA officer ever?

A few weeks ago Bylinda called me at work with a question. "The PTA called and they want to know if you'll serve as the Chaplain for next year." I thought about it for a few minutes, while I considered what the role of the PTA Chaplain would entail. I told B to tell the PTA that I would be glad to serve as the Chaplain, as I think that schools need parents to be involved.

Since accepting my position, I missed the next PTA meeting due to a ball game. Yesterday, while I was enjoying my Honeymoon, I got a call that they were going to swear in the new PTA officers last night. I'm in Florida, so there was no way that I caould attend. The incoming President happens to be a minister, so I think that I might be the worst PTA officer ever...


  1. You can;t have the worst PTA officer ever title, I already have it!!

  2. Ha Ha, I think we may all think we are the worst PTA president ever! There is always so much to do that if you drop one ball, they all come tumbling down. I am sure you were both excellent b/c you had the will to even attempt to run the PTA. A hard job for sure!

    Jenn Tristano